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Attributes management

○ Identify the purpose of attribute frontend, source, and backend models
○ Describe how to implement the interface of attribute frontend, source, and backend


  • How do attribute models, attribute source models, attribute backend models and attribute frontend models relate to each other?
  • Which methods have to be implemented in a custom source model (or frontend model or backend model)?
  • Can adminhtml system configuration source models also be used for EAV attributes?
  • What is the default frontend model (and source and backend model) forEAV attributes?
  • Does every attribute use a source model?
  • Which classes and methods are related to updating the EAV attribute values in the flat catalog tables? What factors allow for attributes to be added to flat catalog tables?
  • How are store-scoped entity attribute values stored when catalog flat storage is enabled for that entity type?
  • Which frontend, source, and backend models are available in a stock Magento installation?
  • How do multi-lingual options for attributes work in Magento?
  • How do you get a list of all options for an attribute for a specified store

view in addition to the admin scope?

These code references can be used as an entry point to find answers to the questions


  • Mage_Eav_Model_Entity_Attribute_Abstract
  • Mage_Eav_Model_Entity_Attribute_Backend_Abstrace
  • Mage_Eav_Model_Entity_Attribute_Frontend_Abstract
  • Mage_Eav_Model_Entity_Attribute_Source_Abstract
  • Mage_Eav_Model_Entity_Attribute_Source_Table
  • Mage_Eav_Model_Resource_Entity_Attribute_Option_Collection::load()

Describe how to create and customize attributes. 

Besides simply using the stock EAV attributes that come with Magento, one of the most common operations for developers is to modify or create attributes.

  • Which setup methods are available to work with EAV entities?
  • How can an EAV setup class be instantiated in a setup script if not specified in the XML <class> configuration for a setup resource?
  • What is the difference between addAttribute() and updateAttribute()?
  • What are the advantages of using a custom setup class for manipulating

EAV attributes in a custom module?
This code reference can be used as an entry point to find answers to the questions

  • Mage_Eav_Model_Entity_Setup