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My advanced CMS page' Idea

First I want to add a blog to my Magento and I want the current CMS/Page working like a blog when add or edit page. And I want to make it simple as most as possible. Then I just has started customizing the Magento default CMS/Page by creating an Extension(Module) name - Advanced CMS page!


  • Can select page type and auto assign the cms/page's root template.
  • There are 2 Page types - Category and Post
  • There is the list of category and select on the edit/add cms/page page.
  • New breadcrum for page's path.
  • Can create and assign tags to page.
  • Can record the number of page views.
  • Can upload image for the header and share page
  • Can highlight code tag's color same as text editor
  • Can add the header's quote
  • Can set color background on page list.
You can experience it by exploring this website!