Thailand Magento Ecommerce Blog

~ Magentor ~

Magentor come from Tor - name of the author and Magento - the ecommerce platform that the author in love with.

This website start with simple concepts
  • To improve and remind the author 's knowledge
  • This is one of the author 's side projects(hobbies).
  • For sharing to another one who interested.

The author has used Magento since its version is 1.3.x (2008). He use Magento platform for many ecommerce business such as Books Store,  Muaythai Equipments Store, Luxury Bag Store, Jewelly Store, Motorbike Parts Store, Underwear Store, Custom Jeans and Suites Store, Flower Store, Electronic Parts Store, Laboratory Store, Food and Drink Store, Art Store, Fashion Store, Music and Sound Store, Custom Lunch Box Store, IT Store,  Led Lighting Store, Market Place Store, Online Printing Service and more that still be in process with his team.  

Magento can drive every ecommerce business. It has the powerful functions and strong team develop. 

To proved that it can support any kind of website, then the author has been creating this place by using Magento. 

All works get things done with concepts.

  • Fast page load.
  • Standard code style (PSR). 
  • Team Driven Culture (Agile/Scrum).
  • Easy maintenant and testable (Jira/Git). 
  • On date Scalable.


" Just share it! ".